Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brielle's first trip to the valley!

This past week I ventured out for the first time with all 4 kids. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. All the kids fit in the car and we started the trip. Unfortunately they were doing construction on the way and we got stopped for 45 minutes. That made for an interesting time. But Cambree was wonderful and saved me with Brielle and really helped feed her. While there, I got some pictures off my mom's camera of Brielle over the past couple weeks including this one. So this is a compilation of pictures.

Our good friend Rachel Norton graduated from nursing school and we all went to support her. The kids love their 'Aunt Rachel'.

Finally meeting Great-Grandma Mcknight. This is who she gets her middle name from- Christine.

4 Generation shot

All the little cousins :)

This is from my mom's camera. So this is the only shot of me and Brielle in the hospital. Love the hospital shots :)


Anonymous said...

Darn I missed the cutie pie! I;m sitting here looking at the pictures and I'm like "aww that's cute." I wish I could have held her. She looks so cute.