Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fair Day- a bit late :)

These pictures are backwards and I can't fix them without a lot of problems. So you'll have to look at it backwards. This is a bit late, but there's been A LOT going on.

On Friday my parents came down for Fair Day to join in the festivities. Cambree got to be a part of the parade in gymnastics so it was a bit exciting for us.

The parade started at 10:00 and we got there about 9:15 to get Cambree settled and us a spot. It was a bit hot but we still enjoyed.

This is Ridge after the parade. This parade is famous for advertising and candy. Its like a pre-Halloween. Can you see how happy this little boy was with his loot. He wouldn't let anyone hold it for him. He insisted on walking it (very slowly) back to the car.

Can you find Cambree.....she did awesome. She was happy and waving to everyone. I was so proud of her.
Here's a better shot of the whole float. There were SO MANY kids on that thing.

Tesia came with her roommates and they all helped Ridge get his candy.

Brecklynn couldn't stop pointing at EVERYTHING. I love her little finger.

She was so proud to sit in Ridge's chair.
Not sure what happened to this picture but this is Ridge waiting for the parade.

It was a fun day and we enjoyed my parents visit. I love these things about small towns.