Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jaymon's Wedding Reception

Man, its been a crazy week. First Disneyland, then my brother's Wedding Reception. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

This was the 'simple' set up. It looked so neat all done. I didn't get a final picture but you can get the basic idea that there was a false ceiling of some kind.

They didn't have a cake, so I made this cupcake tower. Can you guess what they were made of? Pizza Boxes....pretty neat huh? My good friend Rachel helped me figure it out.

This was the refreshments for the reception. Everything was mini. These here are mini brownies with cherry cream cheese frosting and pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. My mom has been cooking her heart out. There was also mini cookies made by all the aunts. Quite the variety.

Here's the couple with the cutes baby :)

Here they are again. Cute couple

Present Tabel

Our attempt at a funny picture turned out like this...pretty funny huh

It's been over 6 years since this three-some has been together so we had to snag a shot. On my left is my Uncle Manny and on my right is my cousin Franklin. Franklin lives in Las Vegas and recently married with a little daughter Aurora and new baby girl Lyric. It was fun catching up.

Here is the desert table.

Baby Lyric and Brecklynn. They are 2 months apart. Cute babies right?
The proud Grandpas
Even prouder grandparents

book. Neat idea

Part of the entry decor.

The tea bags up to the doors.
Cambree with Jaymon's new little niece Hanna. They hit off easily. Nice to see them become quick friends.

Curtis pretty much all night. He was bored...but who could blame him. He was a good sport.

It was a good turn out and fun to be able to be apart of a wedding like that. I love doing this kind of thing so thank you Jaymon and ShanTay for getting married :) Welcome to the family ShanTay!


ShanBehr said...

thanks for everything! It was BEAUTIFUL! I'm excited to be apart of the family now and be able to come to all the fun events!

Chelsie said...

Haha - thanks. But apparently there's not much of a market for a book on Chelsie's random thoughts. And if I did write a book, I'd have to do it under an alias because I don't think people would like to be identified as participants in my story. Most people claim never to have met me, let alone be blood relatives.