Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brecklynn is 5 months!!

I'm a bit late on this since she turned 5 months on December 21st, but its better late than never.

Its been super crazy with Christmas and New Years but I had to take a second for this little one. She's worth it :)

I haven't taken her in to find out how much she weighs or anything, but she is definitely growing. She's getting a lot more chunk on her and I love it. Her voice is getting louder and louder. To the point that it truly hurts our ears, but at least its happy talk. She's VERY close to sitting up alone. She can do it for a little bit and then gets excited and pushes back.

I also made the big decision to try her on babyfood. I didn't want to try quite yet because we are headed to Disneyland in a couple weeks and didn't want to the extra issues with the food, but she's gotten so curious with food I had to try. I think she's going to be like my other kids in that she HATES baby food but likes real food like bread. We'll see though. I'm not giving up quite yet. She cries the entire time that I give it to her and gags, all that good stuff, but I have to keep telling myself that she has to get used to it. She still will not take a bottle for anything. Really frustrating. She loves to grab at anything in her reach. Christmas was fun with all the paper. She was constantly trying to get it in her mouth. She's teething constantly on ANYTHING!!

She's starting to know who I am which is getting interesting. Its a love hate phase in that I love that she knows me, but hate that if she does see me, she starts to cry till I get to her. Starting tomorrow, she's going to my sister-in-laws during preschool so hopefully that will help her get over that before it gets too late. She still loves her daddy too. She just stares at him forever. So cute.


Chelsie said...

So I had a dream last night that you were pregnant. And my dreams have a 50/50 chance of becoming reality (I've done extensive research in this area). So .. . . is there anything you'd like to share??? Hmmm?? And, by the way, the word verication for this comment is "antery". Get it? ANT-ery? Because I would be an Aunt? It's like Blogspot/Word Verification people *want* you to get pregnant. It's a sign. And if you don't do what they say then there will probably be consequences. I don't know WHAT consequences, but there will be some . . .. . The End.

P.S. - - I've also had several dreams that you try to kill me in my sleep . . .. so I'm not giving you my new address. Just in case. You never know.