Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scar Face

So Ridge is really make it more and more relevant that i have a boy. These past couple days, he's added a new mark on his body once a day. 

Sunday he fell off a stool and hit his eye on the table. He split his eye back open and it has made a nasty scab on his eye. Then the very next day, he was climbing on our fence and I knew exactly what was going to happen as he was doing it. He got up on the first rung and without any pause, went right over the front. From that fall, he got a huge mark in between his eyes. I have to admit, I was laughing so hard as he did that one. I knew the outcome from the beginning.
Then today, he falls off the recliner onto the box next to it and scrapes his forehead. 

My mom jokes that I better not need to go to the ER any time soon because they will probably think of abuse. Probably true :)

Just as an added bonus story, yesterday we were playing outside. All of the sudden Cambree started to call my name and I could hear Ridge muffled. I thought at first she had pushed him down or something so I was yelling at Cambree. I saw her, and then no Ridge. So I go around my car where I could hear his cry coming Ridge. Then it hits me. I look down under the car and guess what, he was clear all the way under my car. I couldn't believe it. I thought for a second I needed to go get my camera for a picture, but he wasn't happy so I decided to just tell the story. Really funny. So Ridge has been a handful lately and I know there is more to come with my little boy getting into more things and exploring more. 


peachytiffers said...

BOYS! Gotta love it! When JJ had to get staples twice in his head within like six months or something, they did ask a lot of questions the second time around. :)